a message from the dead....

first, I wnna say how sorry I am for disappearing for 10 months. I moved to mixi but then I did nothing on mixi and then I moved to myspace but did nothing on myspace, and now im on livebook, tagged, iqons, blahblahblah...and still do nothing on any of them except log in a read if anybody else is doing anything interesting.

not to say im not doing anything interesting.

I graduated from bunka fashion college in march, with the Dean`s award, natch. Also appeared as a model in the final show.

Got a job with my friend Gen`s company, as a project assistant. Thats a nice way to say secretary/personal assitant/admin exec/project manager all in one. I almost didnt get a visa. Had to ask a friend who runs a fashion business to get me one. My company i fucked up, I it keeps me on my toes but I deal with millions and millions of dollars in deals and i have NO IDEA WHAT THE FUCK IM DOING. I also have to be in an office in shibakoen 9-6 everyday. IM A FUCKING O.L. I get paid 300,000 y/m tho and for a new grad its not bad. Im just in a rut in my day-job and it is only going to get harder..the only room for growth I have is in finance. Do I want to do that??

But in other news, I am the fashion columnist for The Japan Times Newspaper. check it out, yo www.japantimes.co.jp search for misha janette . been doing that since may...I am also in charge of covering the fashion shows every season. front row everytime, baby. That keeps me in the industry---and far more connected than styling ever did, although not nearly as creative.

I went to Mexico with my family (cabo san lucas to be exact) in march before I started working. Was only in my hometown for two days...very rushed but nice to see the fam.

I also went to las vegas three weeks ago. My mom flew down from spokane, and 3 of my best childhoos friends came in (one is married, one engaged, one just chillin) and had the best time EVER. las vegas is rad. I got to hang in VIP with coolio and danny masterson (from that 70s show) at PURE and we went club0hopping and went to danny`s suite which was from the Rain Man movie. Also saw ashanti and nelly. las vegas is crazy.

I ended up debuting as a talento. I was on a variety show every week for a few months this summer. I was a designer/stylist and hung out with oguro yuko(aka yukorin) and hanawa and akimasa haraguchi. They took us to Hong Kong and Macau for the grand opening of the venetian hotel. biggest hotel in asia. I designed a dress and obi and made it for the show- 6,000$ worth of materials---and got to walk the red carpet etc...was an amazing experience.

Next I want to go to europe. thinking about december. if I can afford it/get time off (uh..both are pretty big deals).

My roommates both left. My brazilian RM got deported in sept (bad attendance at school). The american girl left the beginning of this month. I ended up paying for oct myself (holy shit, a lot of yen)but i think i have found a new one who is coming the first week of nov. from washington DC. I have been spending the entire MONTH at the apartment enjoying being alone/cleaning things up. but now im starting to get really lonely and depressed ad i know why i have always wanted to have a roommate in the first place. I will have an extra room with enough area to sleep. if anyone wants to crash, the space is there.

I have no BF...not even someone I am interested in. THe EX`s ex-wife got pregnant wit another actor two weeks after we broke up, and married him. subsequently both my ex and this other guy debuted as brothers on the same drama 10 years ago. My ex then started dating another actress and are now living together (but hardly see each other, apparently). And I hear most of this news on the morning TV. lovely. tried to be friends with him, but its not working. movin on...

had a great friend I met this summer, we were like soul mates talking for hours,hanging out and partying like crazy everyday. then he went back to NYC to finish college at columbia. my best friend zanna moved to australia for good recently, and my mentor has quit her company and is planning on moving to shanghai or france. WTF...maybe its time for me to leave, too?!

I have been riding my bicycle to work back and forth 35 minutes each way everyday. Also exercise when watching tv. I have huge thighs and muscly arms but feel good. Gained a bunch of weight after vegas...trying to get back into shape.

I wan to say especially sorry to seifaiden who sent me a wonderful card that i have had in my purse for MONTHS and meant to write back. and i cant believe how much everyone`s life has changed in these past 10 months. I don`t know if I will continue to write, but even one entry is better than none. IM STILL ALIVE.
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im back jack

a rundown with pics cuz i cant be fucked to go into detail of 3 months *_*

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yesterday i went to the press screening for issei and wentz eiji`s movie `captain tokio` it was quite weird and slow but issei was pretty damn good in it, of course. damn him... then i was invited by a producer from TBS to see hikawa kiyoshi (the young enka singer) in concert. all those oba-chan were scary, man. afterwards we went with kiyoshi`s production company to 200- bucks a head shabu-shabu for dinner, and then to roppongis top hostess club. uhh... it was my first time in a hostess club and it fucking sucks. DONT TALK TO ME YOU STUPID HOSTESS I DONT FEEL THE NEED TO PAY A WOMAN TO TALK TO ME, I HAVE FREINDS, THANKYOU. the cele-doll Marie`s older sister is a hostess there. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

i have a photoshoot, a meeting with tokion magazines head editor, and a fucking huge business meeting that could change my life to deal with this week as well as a face to face enc with the BF. my head is gonna explode.

im out

quick rundown of summer

wine tasting, parties, galleries, photoshoots, beach, etc etc

um, how the hell do i do quotation marks on a japanese keyboard to make a proper lj-cut?!?

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and my summer came to an end. been in school for a week. its a fucking breeze and i feel like im stomping over everybody (sorry). see y`all next moon!


so my website that has all my pics ive done so far for styling and the web address on my business card that i give everybody who moves here..yeah, THAT site, is down. and i dont know how to get a hold of bronny since she gave me the space to see whats up with it. so does anyone have any advice for what i could do to get a website up and running ASAP? 焦焦 >_< please?

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ok, so...

had shooting for countdown tv a few weeks ago. i made this really kickass dress that was a vintagey and it had lace falling off of it and it was falling apart and me and my roommates LOVED it. so i take it the fitting at avex on friday night and olivia totally hates it. says its too `grandma-ey` whaaaaat?! so she gives me a list of things she wants changed and i take it home and start basically from zero.... i`ll put pics up as soon as the ep airs this saturday... so i spent two days making an entire new costume and i take it to the studio and their like `it looks TOO perfect, too cute` )(#'$()'!'&#AJHSGQYIG
the manager from avex was kind of freaking out and totally pissed at me and im like sweating my balls off but we ended up taking scissors, mud, and fire to it and it ended up looking ok. i was so exhausted after that...not to mention i never get any sleep when im making costumes.

THEN, less than a week later liv was doing that NANA geurilla street live with tsuchiya anna at studio alta. i made THAT costume as well!! this time it was blue and i put holes in the skirt and hand-dyed the hem with a paintbrush to make it look rusted and dirty. then i made wilted `flowers` out of hand-dyed geosette (umm...i cant remember how to spell that in english! fuck!) and twisted cotton and tafeta around her bust and shoulders. it was so cool! and everyone loved it. except that when she sang her second song and started flailing her arms the loops on her shoulders fell and got caught on her elbow... i was totally horrified...but everyone said it kinda looked like part of the act. phew...i guess?! we met at the hotel at noon and didnt finish til 7pm...what a long day. and they were doing a documentary of the live for Music ON!TV so there was a camera following us around everywhere. it was both unnerving and exciting....unnerving because i was tired and knew i looked like shit, but exciting cuz it means i could be on tv...hehehe

after the show, everyone went to an egyptian restaurant to celebrate. i smoked shisha for the first time. its the first time ive EVER sucked anything other than air into my lungs. have to admit i was kind of scared?! i know it makes me sound like a total cherry virgin but im kind of proud of the fact that ive never smoked *shrug* anyway, it wasnt anything special and the jasmine aroma kinda hurt my throat (i am such a smoke virgin)

last night i went out to a club for the first time in forever, not counting the times i went to see issei DJ cuz im basically there to hang out with him afterwards. so i kind of went off of my head and got WAY too fucking drunk. i called my friend G up and he came out and was buying zan-dawg and i wine and tequila and champagne.... and i briefly remember making out with him in the VIP room backstage?!? holy shit, i dont know what to do with that.... the staff kicked us out, of course...hahaha
i even got to see the prick i talked about in my last entry...the backstage toilet guy...and i was so ready to give him a piece of my mind (AGAIN..ill do it over and over again). but he`s kind of scared of me still and avoided me until i got to drunk to care and then i remember talking to him then just getting up and leaving... i dont think thats exactly what i had in mind!

gotta jet...to be continued...

quick update

whew...its been...awhile!! but even though i dont update my own journal very often, i am addicted to LJ and read all of my fl posts EVERY MF'in DAY..perhaps even more than once a day ^^;;

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just finished spending 2 hours sewing a party dress im making in purple... its inspired from an old helmut lang collection and its so kickass! i just gotta head to nippori tomorrow to find the perfect fabric for trimming... but ever since i moved to yoyogi, anything past ebisu/ikebukuro is like FAR... even tokyo station seems like its far enough to be in inaka... thats not good^^;

well, i gotta iron this baby and then go to bed to get to nippori early... i hope everyone has a nice weekend!~

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this tuesday i have a performance to see at the prince tower hotel by the amazing ms. aoki karen and she's treating me to drinks and food because i translated some stuff for her website~ looking forward to that! on thursday im helping taraman as staff at his unveiling of his new brand and party at SOHOs, and next saturday is another Dazed&Confused party at velours. I have been partying sooooo much...AND I LOVE IT, DAMMIT~~~~~~~